Arts Visual Film and Music

8 - Film Review Group A
Claire Cymons - 4 monthly sessions from 2.00-4.00 on Mondays 21 August 18 September 16 October 20 November

Three films are selected by the group for discussion at each session and are viewed at the members’ convenience. Members will be notified of the first three films in time for the first session.

9 - Film Discussion Group B
Laurie Bourke - 4 monthly sessions from 2.00-3.30 on Mondays 28 August 25 September 23 October 27 November

Three films, viewed independently, will be discussed by the group each month. At the end of the meeting the group will decide the films for the next session. The group will be notified of the films to be discussed at the first session.

16 - Shen Yun Performing Arts - the Renaissance of Chinese Culture
Lan Zhang - 1 session from 10.00-11.45 on Tuesday 1 August

Lan Zhang will outline the basics of traditional Chinese culture, what has happened recently to Chinese culture and its renaissance in Shen Yun performing arts.

17 - Great Music: a Journey
Harry Wenig - 8 fortnightly sessions from 12.00-1.45 on Tuesdays 15 August to 21 November

What is great about great music? An exploration of the many factors in the creative process.

21 - The Art of Hilda Rix Nicholas and Orientalism
Prof Jeanette Hoorn - 1 session from 10.00-12.00 on Tuesday 15 August

Prof Hoorn is Professor of Visual Cultures at the University of Melbourne. Her most recent book is Moroccan Idyll: Hilda Rix Nicholas and Elsie Rix in Morocco (2012). Her book of edited essays Reframing Darwin: Art and Evolution was published in 2007. Her Massive Open Online Course Sexing the Canvas is currently live on the Coursera Platform and will run throughout 2017.

34 - Silence - Scorsese Recent Film
Freda Freiberg - 1 session from 10.00-12.00 on Tuesday 10 October

Freda will provide an analysis of Scorseses recent film with reference to the Japanese novel by Shūsaku Endō on which it is based, and compare it with a Japanese film version of the same story. The subject matter is very disturbing but very timely.

46 - Drawing
Bruce Gifford - 18 weekly sessions from 10.00-12.00 on Wednesdays 2 August to 29 November

Bruce organises drawing and other media projects, sometimes including watercolour. Profiles of individual artists are discussed from time to time, and other topics of artistic interest. The work of the group is displayed regularly in the foyer.

59 - Films of Thomas Hardy Novels
Peter Larsen - 2 sessions from 12.15-3.00 on Thursdays 3 and 10 August

As requested by the class in 1st semester, we will show the films of Far from the Madding Crowd (2 hr 48 min) and Jude the Obscure (2 hr 3 min).

61 - Co-operative Painting Group
Penny Jansen - 18 weekly sessions from 12.00-2.00 on Thursdays 3 August to 30 November

Penny will facilitate this painting group, which will include sketching, watercolour and other media. There will be peer critique and discussion. All are welcome, from beginners to experienced.

73 - Friday Flicks
Dr Gerald Tofler - 17 weekly sessions from 1.30-4.00 on Fridays from 4 August to 1 December

Dr Tofler will show films from his extensive collection of DVDs. There is no need for members to enrol for the films. Just come and bring your lunch.