Courses continue, mainly by Zoom because our centre at Valetta Street is closed.

You can always email us from here but we cannot check for phone messages in the office under Stage 4 restrictions.


Courses are now conducted by Zoom, Whats App, or email, while Covid pandemic conditions prevail. 

The walks are real and outdoors to the actual sites. Restrictions such as social distancing and masks will apply according to the rules at the time of each walk.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from one of our members who is delighted with Zoom.

A quick note, to thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I am delighted to have discovered that scheduling a Zoom meeting is a doddle. And there I was, imagining it would be another technological nightmare! Could not have been more wrong! Since learning to host on Zoom I have scheduled get-togethers with my granddaughters, a book club meeting, and will be Zooming in for my London brother's birthday tomorrow. Have also organized a Zoom birthday party for a friend in Cape Town this weekend. Today's technological wizardry (to use Boris Johnson's term) is brilliant! Recently re-read Camus' The Plague and listened to some lectures on Europe's Black Death (technological wizardry, yet again). Isolation in those times meant isolation. We have no idea…. I found myself wondering what Leonardo would have thought of Zoom. Of all our technology….. Hope my experience encourages everyone!
Liberty in Lockdown.....
Susan Drerup