U3A Felting and Collage Art



Felting is the most ancient form of textile art.  It predates weaving and spinning techniques. 

Felting existed in the Neolithic period with samples of felting date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Felt’s origins were found in Asia and the Middle East where it was an essential element for shelter, clothing, hats, saddles, rugs, and other daily necessities.

Felt is cloth made of wool and fur often mixed with natural or synthetic fibres through the action of heat, moisture, chemicals, and pressure.


Japanese artists began to stick paper onto silk as early as the 1100s. Paper collage was first recorded in Europe in the 1400s.  Victorian photo collage suggest collage techniques were practiced in the early 1860s.

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque used collage as a method for creating innovative art. They came up with the name “collage” from the French verb “coller” which means “to glue” or “to stick”. Collage is thought to have revolutionised modern art.

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