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Victoria Health and Human Services has announcements each day.  Vic schools. Aged Care Sector   Data.   Grass pollen season.

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Making masks

First, from Vic DHHS: How to make your own mask.  Other sources: How to sew a mask – tutorial.  Next is 30 minutes of hints, ideas, pros and cons on every aspect: What we’ve learned after making 167,000 masks

🦠How should I clean my cloth mask?

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Vic health officials use app… to trace… COVIDSafe app gets important update. Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights from Johns Hopkins University Experts (free course). Deaths worldwide per 1 million population. COVIDSafe laws get a new frameworkHow to clean your smartphone (Choice magazine)  Why soap works (NY Times)  Message from Foodbank CEO. COVIDSafe code released, but developers unhappy. Work of Los Alamos scientists suggests COVID-19 can turn really bad again much faster than it got better. Australia’s COVIDSafe contact tracing story is full of holes and we should worry

Source: worldometer

coronavirus update in figures

Source: ABC News and Radio

Health Report about face masks  Coronacast. Coronavirus page – constantly updated with masses of information

Source: WHO World Health Organization

WHO link plus their mythbusters and R&D blueprint

Source: CSSEGISandData Github

Daily figures around the world.

Source: China CDC Weekly

The Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) — China, 2020

A descriptive, exploratory analysis of all cases diagnosed as of 11 February 2020 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Confirmed cases are those with a positive test. All cases are those with a clinical diagnosis of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) likely to be COVID-19 but not tested for the virus.


Source: The New England Journal of Medicine

Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1


Cleaning of stuff you bring home from a supermarket is important.

Source: The Conversation

🧩 Melburnians will soon be able to have 2 visitors per day. It’s far riskier than an exclusive bubble. 🧩 When and how should the Victoria-NSW border reopen? Is fishing allowed in Victoria? When can I travel between Melbourne and regional Victoria? Your COVID-19 questions answered.  

How worried should I be about news the coronavirus survives on surfaces for up to 28 days? Curious Kids: how do vaccines kill viruses?   Millions of face masks are being thrown away during COVID-19. Here’s how to choose the best one for the planet.   Will COVID lockdowns hurt your child’s social development? 3 different theories suggest they’ll probably be OK.  What is post-viral fatigue syndrome, the condition affecting some COVID-19 survivors?
Federal government did not prepare aged care sector adequately for COVID: royal commission.
    Am I coping well during the pandemic?   A COVID-19 vaccine may come without a needle, the latest vaccine to protect without jabbing.   How to reduce COVID-19 risk at the beach or the poolThe new 15-minute test has potential, but standard tests are still the best way to track COVID-19.   Australia’s just signed up for a shot at 9 COVID-19 vaccines. Here’s what to expect.   Eyeing local development: a look at the 3 Australian COVID vaccine candidates to receive a government boost.   This video shows just how easily COVID-19 could spread when people sing together.   How could wearing a mask help build immunity to COVID-19? It’s all about the viral dose
Vital Signs: batch testing and contact tracing are the two keys to stop the lockdown yo-yo
.   5 ways our immune responses to COVID vaccines are unique.     Victoria’s coronavirus contact tracing is about to get faster. Let’s make it the first step in a larger digital boost.  Friday essay: COVID in ten photos.

Worried you might test positive and put a spanner in Victoria’s COVID roadmap? Here’s why you should get tested anywayThe modelling behind Melbourne’s extended city-wide lockdown is problematicPutting our money on two COVID vaccines is better than one: why Australia’s latest vaccine deal makes senseVictoria’s roadmap out of lockdown is the wrong approach. Here’s what good public policy looks like.   How long will I have to wear a mask? Can single people visit a sharehouse? Common questions answered about Victoria’s new roadmap.      Why ‘vaccine nationalism’ could doom plan for global access to a COVID-19 vaccine.   Diarrhoea, stomach ache and nausea: the many ways COVID-19 can affect your gut.  Too little, too late, too confusing? The funding criteria for the arts COVID package is a messOpen COVID ‘cold spots’ first: a way out of lockdown for Melbourne.       Children might play a bigger role in COVID transmission than first thought. Schools must prepare.   COVID-19 cases are highest in young adults. We need to partner with them for the health of the whole community.   Another day, another hotel quarantine fail. So what can Australia learn from other countries?  Acedia: the lost name for the emotion we’re all feeling right now.   Strength training is as important as cardio – and you can do it from home during COVID-19
Here’s the proof we need. Many more health workers than we ever thought are catching COVID-19 on the job.
  Why freedom of religion won’t likely trump public health interests with a future COVID-19 vaccine.  Religious concerns over vaccine production methods needn’t be an obstacle to immunisation.   A man in Hong Kong caught COVID-19 a second time. Here’s why that’s not surprising (and there’s no need to panic).     

To safeguard children’s mental health during COVID-19, parents must look after their ownGenome sequencing tells us the Auckland outbreak is a single cluster — except for one case5 ways we can prepare the public to accept a COVID-19 vaccine (saying it will be ‘mandatory’ isn’t one)8 ways the coronavirus can affect your skin, from COVID toes, to rashes and hair lossExposure to common colds might give some people a head start in fighting COVID-19
The Oxford deal is welcome, but remember the vaccine hasn’t been proven to work yet
Goodbye, brain scrapers. COVID-19 tests now use gentler nose swabsResearch shows coronavirus thrives in dry air (and August is coastal Australia’s least humid month)Finding the source of an outbreak is important. But the term ‘patient zero’ is a problem
How do I know if my mask actually works? What about the ‘candle test’?
  Victorian emergency departments during COVID-19: overall presentations down but assault, DIY injuries up.   Why New Zealand needs to focus on genome sequencing to trace the source of its new COVID-19 outbreakFriday essay: on reckoning with the fact of one’s death.   Slow to adjust to the pandemic’s ‘new normal’? Don’t worry, your brain’s just learning new skillsGot someone with coronavirus at home? Here’s how to keep the rest of the household infection-freeVideos won’t kill the uni lecture, but they will improve student learning and their marksYoung men are more likely to believe COVID-19 myths. So how do we actually reach them?  We can’t let STEM skills become a casualty of COVID-19No, the extra hygiene precautions we’re taking for COVID-19 won’t weaken our immune systemsShould all aged-care residents with COVID-19 be moved to hospital? Probably, but there are drawbacks too.   Vital Signs: Shorter meetings but longer days – how COVID-19 has changed the way we workTwo weeks of mandatory masks, but a record 725 new cases: why are Melbourne’s COVID-19 numbers so stubbornly high?   View from The Hill: Rumour, contagion and yet more bad Victorian recordsCan Victorians stick to the stage 4 rules? Our perception of what others are doing might be the key.    1.4 million less than projected: how coronavirus could hit Australia’s population in the next 20 yearsSweden eschewed lockdowns. It’s too early to be certain it was wrongTakeaway coffee allowed, but no wandering through Bunnings: here’s why Melbourne’s new business restrictions will reduce casesMelbourne non-essential retailers closed, as Morrison unveils pandemic leavePPE unmasked: why health-care workers in Australia are inadequately protected against coronavirus‘Exhausted beyond measure’: what teachers are saying about COVID-19 and the disruption to educationAs ‘lockdown fatigue’ sets in, the toll on mental health will require an urgent responseState of disaster called as Melbourne moves to nightly curfew and stage 4 restrictionsExplainer: what is a ‘state of disaster’ and what powers does it confer?.  View from The Hill: COVID has brought us a state in disaster and a prime minister in a mask723 new COVID-19 cases in Victoria could reflect more testing – but behaviour probably has something to do with it too723 cases is a bad number for Victoria. But we can’t freak out over a single day’s figure.   Grattan on Friday: Australia holds its breath as Victoria struggles with the virusAUSMAT teams start work in aged care homes today. But what does this ‘SAS of the medical world’ actually do?.     It’s OK to be OK: how to stop feeling ‘survivor guilt’ during COVID-19Vital Signs: the COVID-19 crisis in aged care shows elimination is the only effective strategy. ‘Far too many’ Victorians are going to work while sick. Far too many have no choiceMapping COVID-19 spread in Melbourne shows link to job types and ability to stay home.   No, Australia should not follow Sweden’s approach to coronavirus. View from The Hill: Aged care crisis reflects poor preparation and a broken system. Single-use masks could be a coronavirus hazard if we don’t dispose of them properly. Vaccine progress report: the projects bidding to win the race for a COVID-19 vaccine.  ‘Genomic fingerprinting’ helps us trace coronavirus outbreaks. What is it and how does it work?   Do I need a referral for a COVID-19 test? What happens if you test positive? Your coronavirus questions answered.  Grandparent-grandchildren video calls are vital during COVID-19. Here are simple ways to improve themImmunity to COVID-19 may not last. This threatens a vaccine and herd immunity. Victorians, and anyone else at risk, should now be wearing face masks. Here’s how to make oneRising coronavirus cases among Victorian health workers could threaten our pandemic response.  Australia’s coronavirus testing rates are some of the best in the world – compare our stats using this interactiveMelbourne’s hotel quarantine bungle is disappointing but not surprising. It was overseen by a flawed security industry.