COVID Safety Plan

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U3A Stonnington will follow the requirements of Stonnington Council for use of their buildings and the Victorian Government Guidelines.

Requirements include mandatory requirement to be fully vaccinated if attending face to face meetings.


Our COVID Safety Plan

This COVID safety plan follows Victorian government guidelines and is designed to keep members safe and reduce risk of infection. Each member is personally responsible to ensure a safe environment.

  1. If you are unwell, particularly with a cough, sore throat or fever (37.5C & over), do not attend class. Visiting U3A Stonnington acknowledges that you have not knowingly been in contact with an infected person & you are not awaiting COVID test results.
  2. Use the main entrance to the Valetta Street Building and obey signage advising a social distance of 1.5m.
  3. Wear a fitted mask & use the hand sanitizer provided when entering any building & on leaving any room. If you have a medical exemption to wearing a mask, do not put yourself & others at risk – stay home!
  4. When entering any the building you must scan the QR code with your smartphone using the Services Victoria app, or sign-in at the electronic QR Check-In Kiosk outside Reception (assistance available for those without a smartphone). All visitors to our building must be recorded. If you need assistance just ask your small group leader or reception volunteer.
  5. Each class attendance roll is maintained by the class monitor & returned to Reception at the end of class.
  6. Maximum room capacity is noted on each door (in compliance with government guidelines). Please use alternate seats & desks in order to maintain the 1.5m minimum social distance.
  7. Bring your own fluids since use of the kitchen is discouraged.
  8. At the end of every class, the monitor will spray disinfectant on all used tables & chairs; class members to please assist by lightly wiping over these surfaces & leaving them to air dry. Sanitise your hands after this procedure. Open windows and leave doors open at the end of each class to improve ventilation.
  9. Avoid sharing equipment (e.g. pens). Disinfect shared items after use (products supplied).
  10. Members are responsible for disinfecting any public areas used (e.g. toilet flush buttons, taps, door handles, etc). This is at Stonnington Council’s request & a sanitizing station (brown bucket, disinfectant & paper towels) is provided near Reception for you to use.
  11. Please leave the building promptly and do not loiter.
  12. Any health concerns will be reported to DHHS, Stonnington Council & U3A Stonnington Committee of Management.