Lockdown Lookups #5

Melbourne Writers Festival, from 3 to 12 September, have cancelled all live events but are offering online programs instead as MWF Digital. For each event, if you select Book Now you can read the range of ticket prices for each. For more information you need to explore the website menu (because it is not easy to describe in a few words here).

National Gallery of Victoria is closed but offers this Channel where you can look at a lot of their collections in a variety of ways. Best to just dip in to see which groups appeal to you.

The Cartiers is a website by Francesca Cartier Brickell who is the great granddaughter of Jacques Cartier. Jacques ran the London branch of the Cartier family jewellery firm founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris in 1847. On landing, the 3 minute video is where Francesca sets the scene for this tale about finding a treasure trove of long lost letters. Then take a look at the nine recorded webinars – they are numbered in order. As usual there is more to be found by exploring the menu.

Finally a piece of nostalgia.