Column tweaking

Page attributes

Options are:
Default template, Courses page, No sidebar page, Timetable page, UMAS page.
We use either Default template, or No sidebar page.


Para for something.

And another for somethingelse.

And more. Wow! Just lerned to drag and drop a block.

To join

Guide and help types of pages

Of course this also demos how to include images in these types of pages.

How to tweak columns?

Warning: takes practice.

Select the right end one of that group up top left.

Then when you select first column symbol –

the extreme left and right edges of page are outlined in blue. Then over right you can adjust number of columns.

If you select second column symbol the first column is outlined for adjusting width.

If third column symbol, the second column…. and so on.

Blocks are nested within blocks so you see various column editing toolbars as you move about.

check hover
check rollover