On 14 July 2020

From our President 14 July 2020 


Although Valetta St is currently closed U3A Stonnington continues to function, but in a transformed way. We continue to pursue our aims to provide opportunities for companionship, and activities for interest and enjoyment – but this relies on member participation. 

The Semester 2 program is being released as two Issues. Enrolment information was emailed Monday 13 July. Many courses will include Zoom (to varying extents) – a way to participate in U3A from the comfort of home. More information sessions about Zoom are a part of the program. Join us! 

We want to retain current members and encourage new membership. It would be good if we could expand our volunteer teams of capable people: skills sought include people skills, publicity, creative writing, program planning, and people who have or are willing to gain Zoom expertise or other computer skills to support the running of our organisation and its programme. 

A marketing and publicity meeting is be held, by Zoom, on Wednesday 29 July, 1pm. Interested? Please contact us: mail@u3astonnington.org.au 

To reiterate: Valetta St may be closed, but U3A Stonnington continues to function. A small number of willing people are currently working very hard to achieve this – and to whom I am very grateful. Please think about what you can offer. 

What do I think as President of U3A Stonnington? 

Covid-19 restrictions are a fact of life that will be with us – especially our demographic – for the foreseeable future.
 U3A has been an important and pleasurable part of my life for some time now. I believe that positive ageing is an important concept, and the aims of U3A promote this, in my life and the lives of our members. 

For me, positive ageing includes companionship, things to expand my mind and things to do.

I hope members will make the most of the program for Semester 2, Issue 1, and Issue 2, when it becomes available.

I hope that members will do what is possible to encourage others they know who are perhaps hesitant, to enrich their lives with what is currently offered by U3A.

I hope members will welcome guests and friends to sessions of interest.

If you can, do please contact members you know who may be lonely.

If you can please offer your skills and time to U3A.

I want U3A Stonnington to flourish, and our members to flourish with it. In order to maintain our physical and mental health it is important for all of us to remain connected with others, including family, friends and other U3A members, especially at this difficult time. Our lectures and some courses are using interactive video conferencing (by Zoom) because we cannot meet face to face. Please take the opportunities and participate in sessions as a discussant, or presenter, or help with some of the volunteer roles to make sure that we all stay connected and well. Other U3As are using Zoom. We are grateful for the significant help that U3A Network Victoria have provided regarding use of Zoom. 

Elizabeth Brown 14 July 2020