Tutors and Volunteers

U3A is organised and run entirely by volunteers. If you would like to run a class or volunteer to contribute in other way it will improve our reach and engagement in the community through keeping members active and connected.

About tutoring

See our classses

Look through the range of classes available. You could offer an additional or similar class, or something altogether different.

All of our tutors volunteer their skills and time. You could share your skill or passion and offer a class.

 Qualifications for tutoring

The majority of classes, no qualifications are required. Exercise classes require qualifications for safety of tutors and members.

Enrolments are handled by our online administration system. A class list is available to class monitors to check attendances and ensure that the room is left tidy.

You may be asked or choose to pass on information to class members.

Tuition on using A/V equipment and Zoom is available. Tutors’ meeting together could help swap ideas to improve presentations.

To offer a course

Think about some of these issues:

  • the class title and content
  • the maximum and minimum number of students
  • your preferred times
  • preferred days
  • the length of the course (single event, a short course or full year)
  • would you want to suspend the class at any time during the year 
  • any equipment or special facilities that you might need 

Then contact the Curriculum Committee coordinator by using . The coordinator will be in touch.

Offer a new or an existing course, event or outing

If you would like to offer a course at U3A Stonnington, please let us know by using .

If not a member

If you are not currently at member of U3A Stonnington, but would like to Tutor, please enrol as a Tutor.

This is to ensure that you are covered by our insurance.

To enrol as a Tutor please enquire. If you wish to tutor and do not wish to attend any other classes please select Member type Honorary Tutor – there is no membership charge.

If you wish to tutor and also attend other classes, please select Member Type – Member Tutor or Associate Tutor (if you are already a member of another U3A). You will be required to pay the membership fee.

Tutor Handbook contains information on

  • Being a tutor
  • Communicating with your students
  • Health and safety issues
  • Administration procedures
  • Equipment
  • U3A Stonnington communication

Incidents – please report any accidents or other incidents of concern to the Curriculum Committee Convenor

About volunteering

Volunteer Role

The more teams of volunteers the stronger our U3A and it is a great way to meet and connect with other members. Roles could include 

  • Website
  • Run a course
  • Publicity and Communication, Intergenerational Program
  • Assist with events or special projects, Membership Database or Accounts
  • Tutoring or helping with the Curriculum Committee
  • Teaching others to use the new website and the U3A Membership Administration System (UMAS and UMAS for Members)
  • Use of Zoom and hosting U3A meetings
  • You may have other skills that you wish to offer
  • Perhaps you would like to join our committee and help with management of our organisation.

Time required?

Could depend on what would suit you, some volunteers help occasionally, some regularly and some a number of days per week depending on their availability and other commitments.

Some examples:

Office volunteer – average of 2 hours per week

Committee member – 2 hour monthly meeting plus other responsibilities that consume varying amounts of time. Contact a committee member to learn more.

If would like more information about volunteering

Choose or suggest an area to volunteer in the areas mentioned or other skills you could share.

To discuss further please contact our Volunteer Coordinator or a committee member using  . A committee member would contact you.

You can find out more about becoming a tutor. You can find out more about our Committee.