Course Notes & Promos

NEW COURSE 222HEA07: Support for Children-Hearing/Vision One session via Zoom Tues 12th April 10:00 – 11:30

Tutors: Rachael Baker and Megan McLean

Hearing and Vision Support-Mainstream Classrooms in the NSW Public Education System. This talk will provide an outline of the role of Vision Support and Hearing Support Specialist Teachers in the context of the NSW Department of Education.
Our role is a hybrid of consultancy and teaching. We are responsible for training school staff at the schools our students attend, for the upskilling and ongoing support of the teachers of our students along with supporting students in their day to day learning. We are often also required to provide support to the student and their family beyond school. Our services overlap at times as some students have multiple sensory disability and require both our services. We also take the time to meet each other’s students to expose them to the sensory needs and equipment of other peers in the area. There will be time for questions from participants.

Palestine, from the Romans to the Ottomans 135CE to 1918. (Peter Schattner)

Most people know of ancient and modern Israel, and probably something about the British Mandate Period. However the era between the defeat of Ancient Israel by the Romans and the defeat of the Ottomans by the British in WW1 is a poorly understood ‘black hole’. In fact, there was a succession of empires which ruled over the land of Israel (then known as Palestine). More… Palestine Lectures