Courses & Activities

We offer courses and activities in a wide range of interest areas. Most courses are free, however occasionally a small charge is required to cover materials or tutor’s expenses.

Enrolling online

Existing members can login here to enrol in courses. Instructions, if required, are available here.

If you are not a member, you will need to join before you can enrol. Find out about memberships and joining here.

Agreement for Participation in Person (COVID-19)

All in-person attendees are required to adhere to our Agreement for Participation in Person.

Explaining Course Codes

Course Codes include:YearDay of week (Mon-Sun as 1-7)CATegoryNumber
Example: 221ART01, where22 is for 20221 is for MondayART is for Art01 is for course 01

Enrolment and term dates

Course programme publicationWednesday 6 July 2022
Enrolments openMonday 11 July 2022
Semester 2, 202225 Jul 202225 Nov 2022
Semester 1, 202313 Feb 202323 Jun 2023
Semester 2, 022324 Jul 202324 Nov 2023

Courses and activities currently available

A downloadable course booklet is available: download here.