U3A Stonnington depends upon volunteers for everything and, in particular, members who are prepared to undertake courses or activities as volunteer tutors.

If you a special interest or are passionate about something, why not offer a course and share your knowledge?

If you are unsure or want to trial a new course, email the program coordinator via mail@u3astonnington.org.au.


Although we do not require or expect tutors to have an academic background, most have an interest in a particular subject or an expertise in an area which stimulates interest from others.

Our tutors are:

  1. Able to engage members with a special interest which could include, admin, art, current affairs, computers, exercise, films, games, exercise, health, history, language, literature, poetry, science, travel, walks, etc.
  2. Members who have some experience in their area of personal or professional interest and an ability to share their knowledge.
  3. Able to communicate ideas and have an interest in people.
  4. Passionate to share knowledge and in some cases learn from other members.

A formal qualification is not important; what is important is that you have an interest that you are prepared to share with others.


There are many ways to offer a course. The first step can be as easy as speaking to our Office Volunteers or to email the program coordinator via mail@u3astonnington.org.au.

You can be a tutor, a facilitator or a lead of a self-help group. You should think about these areas:

  1. Title and description of the course you would like to offer
  2. Your preference for the number of attendees in your class or group
  3. Preferred days and length of course
  4. Any pre-requisites for attendees
  5. Any equipment or special facilities.

Course setup can allow the tutor the flexibility to offer a course or activity with varying duration, e.g. year-long courses, short courses or summer courses. They can be offered with varying, frequencies, e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly courses or one day sessions or excursions.

Most courses are held at our U3A Stonnington campus.


  • Make further enquiries with our Office Volunteers on 9500 1288, or
  • Put forward your ideas by email to the Program Coordinator via mail@u3astonnington.org.au, or
  • Complete the ‘Offer to Tutor’ application form which is linked here.


Offer to Tutor a Course