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Program Update and End of Year Functions

End of Year Functions.

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End of 2023 Newsletter

The Community of U3A Stonnington
There is an increasing buzz of conversation and a welcoming atmosphere in the foyer at U3A Stonnington these days as members are returning and new members joining.  The times we spend with one another at U3A are, in my experience, highlights of belonging to this organisation.  

Planning by the Committee has prioritised scheduling for more social activities in 2024.  These include:

  •         Supplies of biscuits that will be provided by U3A as in the days before COVID.
  •         A new members function early in Semester 1.  Existing members most welcome!
  •         Scheduled tea/coffee occasions, monthly or so, on different days of the week.
  •         Encouragement for small groups to enjoy the hospitality provided.
  •         “A bite to eat” after selected sessions.

Walks There will only be one or two walks scheduled in Semester 1 – unless someone steps up!  We need more leaders! We have resources for someone to use to lead a walk in Stonnington or further afield.

Visits will include galleries, museums, places of interest.  Is there a place you would recommend?  Tell us, please.

Excursions There will be one excursion per Semester.

These outings are a great way to get to know other members.

There are three new Yearlong courses confirmed: Mah Jong Cantonese style-with instruction;  study and discussion of Literature – Modern Classics;  Social card games: Solo, Five Hundred (etc).

Talks will continue as a feature of U3A Stonnington.  A brief preview of topics already confirmed includes a 6 part series “Contentious Issues in Israeli History”;  the “Civil War, USA”;  the “Golden Age of Cricket”;  “The Shakers”; “The Medieval Journey”;  also guide to legal matters such as wills and probate; illustrated armchair travel;  topics in science from health to climate change.  More interesting topics await confirmation.

Our presenters speak from expertise gained from their work or their interests.

The complete range of topics will be available in early January on U-MAS and printed copies available from our premises. Enrolments commence on Monday 22 January and Semester 1 begins on Monday 12 February.

Do you have an interest that you would like to tell us about?  Do you have a friend or family member who would like to talk about their work? Do let me know.

Volunteering at U3A Stonnington has enriched my life with new friendships and a broadening of my interests and view of life. I invite you to join the volunteers at U3A Stonnington.  Please have a look at our website Tutoring or Volunteering for information or ask one of the volunteers – a Committee member or someone who works at the desk, or in the office, for example.

Tasks vary from washing the tea towels to working in reception, planning the program, joining the Committee of Management, help with AV and hybrid sessions, giving a talk, leading a walk, being part of the catering team, delivering bookmarks and flyers to advertise us.  Tasks small and large – but all need to be done.

A heartfelt thanks to all of the people whose voluntary work makes U3A Stonnington work, especially Tutors, Leaders and Presenters, the administration team ably led by Denise Nadebaum, the Reception team led by Mary Heinmann, the members of the Committee of Management who work with imagination and enthusiasm organising things such as our AV equipment, taking care of the finances, promotion of our organisation, planning the program, and managing events and our Librarian, Ros Winspear.  Thank you all.

I wish you and your family and friends a happy and safe festive season.  All the best for a most enjoyable year together in 2024.

Congratulations Professor Louis Roler AM!

We are delighted to see that Professor Louis Roller was recognised with a King’s Birthday Honour – Member (AM), General Division.

We have first-hand experience of Louis’ contribution to community, education and pharmacy with his many hours – over many years – of mind expanding, meticulously prepared, interesting lectures about our health and medicines.  All presented with humour. Always reliable, and patient when things don’t work.  

We treasure the contribution that Louis makes to not only U3A Stonnington, but also to the wider community of Pharmacy and therefore all of us.

Warmest Congratulations indeed, Professor Louis Roller AM!

From all of your friends and colleagues at U3A Stonnington

From all of your friends and colleagues at U3A Stonnington

Join Sessions and Events

Come to U3A with others or Join sessions via zoom. Many great events as well.

Saving a life using a Defibrillator

Stonnington council has installed an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the U3A Stonnington building because it can greatly improve outcomes if used quickly following cardiac arrest.

Simple and safe to use, the following short videos may help you save someones life. In emergencies requiring a defibrillator also call Triple-Zero emergency services. The “Performing CPR Correctly” video improves understanding and application of CPR. 

Other first aid techniques may be required.

The videos are recommended by St John Ambulance.

  1. How to use the Lifepak CR2 Automated Essential defibrillator.

LifePak CR2 Defibrilator (4min 57sec)

2. CRP in Action – A 3D look inside the body (3min 18sec). Best practice CRP

Performing CPR correctly

3. What happens if you use an AED on a healthy person? (1min 36sec)

Defibrillator will not function if NOT required (1min 36sec) 

4. CPR “Stayin Alive” (BGs timing, Australian Resuscitation Council)

CPR “Stayin Alive” (BGs timing, Australian Resuscitation Council)

5. More Info: LIFEPAK® CR2 Wi-Fi® Fully Automatic Defibrillator/AED, SafetyQuip Australia

Catch up or Revisit Your Favourite Sessions

Did you miss a session?
Lecture recordings are now available for most of the lectures offered during 2021, 2022 and 2023, from our website:  Click the link

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