On 25 November 2020


I hope that recent changes in Covid rules have made life more pleasurable for you. The S2 program is drawing to a close and we are now looking forward to an enjoyable and stimulating program for 2021.

Changes at U3A Stonnington
A lot of work is going on behind the scenes:

  • We are currently transitioning to a new online membership management system – U3A – Membership Administration System (U-MAS) and we will let you know when you can access it.
  • Our website is being redeveloped and will be linked to U-MAS.

Why have we chosen U-MAS?
Most importantly, online enrolment will help to protect the health of all our members. Current management of Covid in Victoria is very successful and U-MAS will help us to continue to play our part and keep safe.

  • Many of you will be familiar with U-MAS which is used by nearly half of the U3As in Victoria. In addition to offering online enrolment, it has many excellent member friendly features that are easily used.  Guidance and help will be available. 
  • U-MAS is office friendly as well and promises to reduce office work considerably – a great benefit!

Courses for 2021
Development of our program for 2021 is progressing well, with our current ongoing sessions all confirmed. There will also be talks on a wide variety of topics to choose from.  Current plans are to continue to offer our program remotely, mostly by Zoom, but supported by emails, links to relevant websites and WhatsApp. However, the timetable is being planned so that a transfer to face to face sessions should be possible if and when the City of Stonnington and DHHS advise that it is safe for people in our demographic to do so, most likely with social distancing, masks, handwashing, etc. I think that lectures and large group discussions are likely to be last to meet face to face.

What next?
When U-MAS is ready, we will send you details about how to login.

Some important dates:
A festive Zoom:  4pm Tuesday 1 December 2020
  The Zoom link will be emailed to members the day before.  There is no need to RSVP, just join us for virtual drinks and a chat to mark the end of the U3A year.

Enrolment 2021 online will commence on Monday 18 January and assistance will be available.
Semester 1 dates:  15 February to 25 June

More information will follow soon.

Kind regards to all.
Elizabeth Brown