Courses – semester 2 and year long

Semester 2 courses can be viewed on Tuesday 29 June.
Enrolments start on Monday 5 July.

Year-long courses
If you are already enrolled in any of these, it is for the whole year. You do not have to enrol again in these.

Monday morning Current Affairs discussion with Myra Mortensen
French Literature and Conversation with Elizabeth Sprigg
French Conversation via Zoom with Sue Majewski
Enhance and Grow the Artist in You with David Pincus
Film Discussion Group B with Andrew Porter
Film Review Group A
Book Discussion Group A with Mary Heinemann
Chess Partners with Ken Ray
Great Music; a Journey with Harry Wenig
Wednesday morning Current Affairs Discussion Group A with Ron James
Poetry Pilgrims with Anne McQueen-Thomson
A Taste of Intermediate German with Dr Judy Hajdu
Creative Writing with Janet Allen