More things to do

Select each link and explore the details for real things you can go out to, or virtual ones to explore at home.

The Senior newspaper used to turn up regularly on the foyer table at Valetta St so here it is for those who want to keep up with the paper while our premises remain closed.

Works of Mirka Mora are showing at the Jewish Museum, There is MIRKA, MIRKA+ and a guided walk of Mirka’s St Kilda on Sunday 28 February. Find details of the museum at 26 Alma Road, St Kilda, accessibility, opening hours, closed holy days, and more. If all that is not enough then try their Virtual Museum Tour from the comfort of home. You might want to try their fortnightly missive by email which is called Spiel

Botanic Gardens at Melbourne and Cranbourne are open currently for visits. Or you can enjoy the Virtual Garden without leaving home. You can also sign up to get their ENEWS regularly for topics of your choice, which is worth a look.